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Mac Attacking Malware Could Steal Your Banking Credentials
by David Bernstein - July 20, 2017
If you are an Apple user and thought your computer was immune from viruses and spyware then think again. There is some new malware making the rounds that can infect your Mac OS based computer and do things such as steal your credentials and display fake banking sites and it's really hard to remove. This malware is called OSX/Dok and it was discovered earlier this year and it disables...
Sophos Home Antivirus Free
by Jim Bernstein - June 1, 2017
When trying to keep your computer safe it seems that there are way too many options to choose from when it comes to antivirus software. Of course there are the big players such as Symantec/Norton and McAfee as well as the better free options such as AVG. You may think that you need to go with one of the big pay for brands to get the best protection but that is not always the case and in fact some of the do not perform as well as the...
Customizing the Windows 10 Start Menu
by David Bernstein - May 01, 2017
So you finally got around to upgrading to Windows 10 or got yourself a new computer that had Windows 10 preinstalled. So you boot it up and decide to click on the Start button and all of the sudden things are not how you expected them to be. Items like the familiar All Programs, Control Panel, Devices and Printers, Documents and so on are not there for easy access. Then you start having horrible Windows 8 flashbacks and wonder if you did the right thing by going to Windows 10. Well don't panic too much, the Windows 10 Start menu can be...
Windows 10 Multiple Desktops
by Jim Bernstein - April 01, 2017
With today's super multitasking way of life, it's hard to get by with just one device without feeling like you are missing out on something… like an arm maybe. Many people swap between their desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone so they can "stay connected" at all times. But when you are at your desk working away sometimes things get too cluttered with all the open programs and documents maxing out the real estate on your taskbar. Many people get around this by...
Windows 10 Workstation edition leaked
by David Bernstein - June 6, 2017
Normally when you think of Windows 10 you associate it with your home computer and have your Windows 7 Pro version taking care of business at the office. In the old days of Windows there was Windows Server and Windows Workstation which implied that the Workstation version was made to be at your desk at work.Last week Microsoft accidentally released a version to testers described as ""Windows 10 Pro for Workstation" which has some advanced features...
How a VPN (Virtual Private Network) Works
by Jim Bernstein - May 9, 2017
In today's fast paced mobile society everyone is connected to everything at all times with their laptops, tablets and smart phones. It's almost like if you aren't "connected" 24/7 you are doing something wrong. And when people can't access the information they want or need instantly then they start to panic.Of course people want to be connected to their work as well but most of the time you can't take everything from work home with you so you need a way to access resources at work...
Server Virtualization Explained
by Jim Bernstein - April 14, 2017
With technology expanding at an exponential rate it seems like the hardware associated with it keeps getting smaller and smaller because we can now pack more power into smaller packages. And with this comes a decrease in cost at least when it comes to hardware in today's modern datacenters. It wasn't that long ago that you would walk into a server room and see racks of servers where each one had a single purpose or ran its own individual operating system. Nowadays...
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