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Mount ISOs with Virtual Clone Drive
by Jim Bernstein - November 20, 2014
ISO (International Standards Organization) files are files that contain the complete image of a disk in a single file. Think of it sort of as a zip file but not compressed. Having the contents of a disk in a single file makes it easier to download the disk from a website or to store on a shared network drive.Many people download ISO files from the internet when they buy software or download operating systems. Normally when you get your ISO file you have to burn it to a CD or DVD to extract the files back to their original state and then you can use the disk as if you bought it that...
Firefox to Build Web Browser with Virtual Reality Compatibility
by Tricia Allen - August 05, 2014
Virtual reality has made its entrance into the 21st century as a force to be reckoned with, showcasing the possibilities for immersive engagements within alternative realities. Though VR has struggled for the past couple of decades to meet our expectations, new players in the market like Oculus Rift have acted as a catalyst, inspiring the re-emergence of interest in this type of technology. Firefox's recent announcement of its plans to develop a browser with VR capabilities highlights how lucrative the VR ecosystem has become and foreshadows the potential of regular Internet browser accessing an immersive, high-quality experience online in the not so distant future. The world of VR has changed rapidly...
Surface 3 manual gives away the existence of a Surface Mini
by David Bernstein - June 22, 2014
Microsoft has been doing pretty well with its line of Surface tablet\PC combos even though their pure desktop Windows 8 sales are not going quite as well as they would like. The Surface Pro 3 is making its ways into consumers hands and along with it a reference manual that you can read on your computer to help you use the thing (if you are the manual reading type). The downloadable PDF document can be obtained from Microsoft’s website but maybe not for long. If you search for Surface Mini it will come up with 4 hits referencing the device. Normally this would not be a big deal but Microsoft has not yet claimed that any such Surface Mini exists or will be...
by Jim Bernstein - May 10, 2014
PDF (Portable Document Format) files have been around for many years and are commonly used for emailing documents because of their compact size and the ability to secure them from being altered. The PDF format was created by Adobe back in the early 1990s and is still widely used today. In fact, PDFs are almost as common as Word documents these days and if you have been using a computer for any amount of time you have most likely opened one. Now there may be a time when you would like to remove...
by Jim Bernstein - October 10, 2014
Have you ever wondered what was using up your hard drive space? Or have you come across a time when your hard drive was full and you couldn't tell what was using up all the space so you can free some up? Browsing through your directory tree and checking the properties on levels upon levels of folders can be time consuming and frustrating and can be difficult to get the answer you are looking for. There is a handy utility you can download for free called SpaceSniffer that will scan the drive of your choice and give you a visual breakdown of the size of the files and folders ...
Windows 9 may focus on the desktop
by David Bernstein - July 02, 2014
As you may or may not know, some or should we say many Windows users are not happy with the new Windows 8 user interface. Originally called Metro it consists of grouped icons or tiles all on one screen rather than the typical start button and start menu. And thanks to this new interface Windows 8 sales have been suffering. For Windows 8.1 they brought back the start button but that was not enough to make the masses happy. Now there is talk of a new Windows 9 that will focus on the desktop for users who prefer the desktop over the new start screen. The start screen will be disabled but users will be able to turn it back on if needed. There are even rumors of different versions being installed on devices based on what type of device they are. For example if its installed on a desktop then it would...
ebay hacked and asks users to change passwords
by Jim Bernstein - May 21, 2014
Online shopping, buying and selling giant ebay has become the latest victim in the ongoing saga of cyber attackers. ebay is where millions of people buy and sell new and used products from coins to cars. They have reported that 145 million registered users may have been compromised since a database containing encrypted passwords and other information has been hacked. The semi-good news is that it’s just passwords, email addresses, phone numbers and birthdates that have been compromised and not financial information and PayPal account details. Other good news is that the passwords were encrypted so the hackers will need to be able to decrypt them before being able to...
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