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Rufus Bootable USB Flash Drive Utility
by Jim Bernstein - April 08, 2015

If you are any type of PC power user then there most likely was a time when you needed to boot your PC or server from something besides the hard drive to either get it running again or to install an operating system. For the most part people tend to use CDs or DVDs to boot from and use ISO files and CD\DVD burning software to create bootable disks from using that ISO file. An ISO file is a single file similar to a zip file that contains all the individual files required to make a complete CD or...

Spyware found in new Lenovo PCs
by David Bernstein - February 23, 2015
It seems that nowadays the biggest threat to your computer is from spyware that you can get from just about anywhere. Whether it’s from downloading some free software or even visiting certain websites its way to easy to get infected these days. When you buy a new computer you expect it to be perfectly clean and free of spyware for the most part. Of course it will come with all the extra software you don’t really want or need but at least it shouldn’t be stealing your information. A researcher in the financial services technology industry field named Peter Horne discovered that new Lenovo computers were being shipped with...
Active Directory Account Reset Tool
by Jim Bernstein - January 18, 2015
If you work in an environment that has a Microsoft Active Directory domain and you are responsible for user account management you know how often you have to do things such as unlock user accounts or reset passwords for people who can’t seem to remember them. You may also have the need to make changes such as forcing a user to change their password at their next login or set an account to expire on a certain date if it’s a contractor account for example.CJWDEV is a software company that makes a bunch of great Active Directory tools as well as other utilities such as...
by Jim Bernstein - October 10, 2014
Have you ever wondered what was using up your hard drive space? Or have you come across a time when your hard drive was full and you couldn't tell what was using up all the space so you can free some up? Browsing through your directory tree and checking the properties on levels upon levels of folders can be time consuming and frustrating and can be difficult to get the answer you are looking for. There is a handy utility you can download for free called SpaceSniffer that will scan the drive of your choice and give you a....
SolarWinds IP Address Tracker Free
by Jim Bernstein - March 14, 2015
If you do IT (Information Technology) for a living you most likely know about IP addresses and know how they are configured in your environment. If you have hundreds or thousands of devices then managing IP addresses can get difficult. And if you use static IP addresses then things get even more difficult because you don’t have a DHCP server managing your IP addresses for you. It’s not just computers that have IP addresses but also servers, printers, mobile devices, firewalls, switches and so on. With all these devices, your list of addresses can build rather quickly and it’s a good idea to have somewhere to store...
Windows 7 and 8 users to get Windows 10 for free
by David Bernstein - January 21, 2015
As we are sure you have noticed, Windows 8 has not been the big hit Microsoft was hoping it would be. Even the Windows 8.1 update didn’t seem to help things much. Most PC users like the interface of Windows 7 rather than the tablet interface of Windows 8. For some reason Microsoft skipped Windows 9 for some reason and has released a preview version of Windows 10 that consumers can download and try out. So far Windows 10 appears to be a combination of Windows 7 and Windows 8 offering the Windows 7 start menu and the Windows 8 look and feel and applications. It appears that Microsoft has...
Mount ISOs with Virtual Clone Drive
by Jim Bernstein - November 20, 2014
ISO (International Standards Organization) files are files that contain the complete image of a disk in a single file. Think of it sort of as a zip file but not compressed. Having the contents of a disk in a single file makes it easier to download the disk from a website or to store on a shared network drive.Many people download ISO files from the internet when they buy software or download operating systems. Normally when you get your ISO file you have to burn it to a CD or DVD to extract the files back to their original state and then you can use the disk as if you bought it that...
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