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Ten Competitive Advantages of Video Conferencing
by Spencer Josan - May 24, 2016
Video conferencing has become part of enterprise communication. Businesses use it to reduce their costs related to travel and improve employee productivity. According to Remote's website, 87 percent of remote workers felt more connected using online multimedia systems and 82 percent reported less stress. Some even said they find it more useful than regular physical meetings as they have a set time frame and are more focused. The saving in terms of travel costs is not the only advantage that online platforms provide. A conference call for the IT sector with software like Blue Jeans has a lot more...
TeamViewer Remote Access Software
by Jim Bernstein - April 04, 2016
Thanks to the ever increasing technology and speed of the internet more and more people are getting connected and staying connected to each other as well as to themselves via their home office, business office or just their living room. Remote control or remote access services are being used more frequently than ever before allowing you to do things such as use your home computer from your office or allow tech support personnel the ability to control your computer for troubleshooting purposes while you watch. This technology comes in very handy and...
Windows 10 is collecting your data whether you like it or not
by David Bernstein - February 15, 2016
With everything being "connected" these days we all expect there to be some loss of privacy when we are online with our computers, smartphones and tablets. But for the most part we assume control over what our devices are sending to who…or at least some control. With the new Windows 10 out in full force Microsoft is pushing hard to get it on as many devices as possible as you may have noticed from the constant upgrade popups on your Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer. But with the new operating system comes some new privacy concerns it seems. If you do a clean installation yourself you will notice that there are...
Shadow Explorer
by Jim Bernstein - October 08, 2015
Shadow Copies are a built in feature of newer Microsoft Windows desktop operating systems such as Vista and higher as well as Windows Server operating systems. If enabled Windows will take snapshots of files and\or volumes and keep them for a certain amount of time allowing you to go back and recover older versions of your files. Many companies will enable this feature on their file servers so that if a file gets deleted it’s easy for an administrator or even an end user to go back and recover a copy of that file. The copies can...
ManageEngine Desktop Central Windows Tools
by Jim Bernstein - May 01, 2016
As computers and networks get larger and more complex the need to be able to remotely manage systems becomes more important. And with this growing importance comes an ever growing amount of software vendors creating products to allow you to monitor and manage pretty much anything you can imagine. And many of these products come with a hefty price tag. Of course you will always find the inexpensive and free software out that that can help you do some of the tasks the more expensive stuff can but of course it's not going to be as good or allow you to do as much....
Malwarebytes Coming Out with Anti-ransomware Software
by David Bernstein - March 18, 2016
If you don't know what ransomeware is, then hopefully you will never find out. If you know what ransomeware is first hand because you have experienced it yourself then you realize how awful an experience it can be when it makes its way to your computer. What ransomeware does is infect your computer and encrypt all of your files essentially holding them hostage so you don't have any access to them. In order to get your access back you need to pay a "ransom" to the people who encrypted your...
Classic Shell for Windows 10
by Jim Bernstein - November 30, 2015
As we are sure you have noticed, Microsoft has been changing the way Windows looks and feels starting with Windows 8 and continuing with Windows 10. They want to have the PC and tablet operating system look and perform the same way so unfortunately for PC users you are the ones who have to deal with the change. The biggest or most noticeable change is how the start menu works or actually doesn't work like is used to. Back in the Windows 7 days the start menu is where you...
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