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Online Computer Tips Monthly Newsletter - December 2007

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Find out what virues other people are getting

Since there are no serious new virus threats at this moment we would like to show you what other viruses other people are getting so you can know what the most common threats are. Bitdefender has a page that will show you the most common viruses its software is finding for particular time frames. Many of the viruses have links where you can get detailed information on what the virus does. Check out their page for the latest threats.

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October's Poll:

If the prices were the same would you rather own a notebook or desktop computer?

November's Poll Results:
Do you burn your own custom music CDs?
- 73%

Tip of the Month:

Renaming multiple files at once within Windows

If you have a large number of files that you want to rename and are used to renaming them one at a time then here is a shortcut that will save you a lot of time. It comes in especially handy when you have a lot of pictures with the generic file names that digital cameras tend to give them. For this example we will be using a group of image files that we want to rename from the generic name to Hawaii. This will work on other types of files as well.
The first step is to highlight all the pictures. You can do this several ways such as going to Edit and then Select All or by pressing Ctrl-A on the keyboard. Once they are all highlighted right click on the first file and choose Rename. It will highlight the first file blue while keeping the others highlighted in grey.

Then type in the new name for the group of pictures. In our case we are using Hawaii. Make sure you keep the file extension in the name of the file (.jpg) or else it won’t work. If your computer is not setup to show file extensions then you don’t need to worry about it. If you want to know how to have your computer show file extensions then click here. Once you type in the new name you want to use press Enter on the keyboard.

It will now show the files with their new names. Notice how it puts a number after each file. This is because you can’t have 2 files with the same name in the same folder.

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Windows File Management Tutorial

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Hot Tech Product:

Product Name:
2.5" IDE to USB 2.0 Interface Hard Drive Enclosure

Digital NotePad With Memory


Transfer data quickly and easily with this great external hard drive case! The USB 2.0 interface allows for data transfer rates up to 480Mbps. This case is powered by a USB 2.0 connection. The easy to use design allows for quick installation of 2.5-inch hard drives.
This enclosure provides a fast and easy way to add more storage space to your Desktop or Notebook.

  • USB 2.0
  • Support Standard 2.5 Hard Disk Drives
  • Ultra Light Aluminum Case
  • Easy access on PC or Notebook
  • Equipped with LED indicator for Power and Action status
  • USB Bus-power support
  • Supports Wakeup ability
  • Supports up to 480Mbps high-speed data transfers
  • Supports 2.5-inch IDE hard drives

More Info

Important Windows and Office patches:

URL Handling Vulnerability in Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 with Windows Internet Explorer 7 Could Allow Remote Code Execution

A remote code execution vulnerability exists in the way that the Windows shell handles specially crafted URIs that are passed to it. If the Windows shell did not sufficiently validate these URIs, an attacker could exploit this vulnerability and execute arbitrary code.

If you are using Internet Explorer 7 and allow do your Windows Updates automatically or manually you should receive the update. If not make sure you run a Windows Update and download the critical updates.

More Resources

OCT Forums Member of the Month:
Member's Name: Compute
OCT Member Highlight:
Compute always seems to have a solution to everyone's problems!


Member Post highlight:
Interesting site of the Month:

If you are one of those PC users that likes to keep your computer clean by removing all of those startup items using msconfig but don't know what you should remove then we have a site for you. Check out the Startup Knowledge Application Database. Here you can look up items you have marked for startup with your computer and see what they do so you can decide if you want them to start with your computer or not.

How to use msconfig.

Readers Question of the Month:
Opening Microsoft Word documents with Microsoft Works

Terrance writes in with a software question
Microsoft word was taken off my computer. When ever I save a document offline it saves to word pad. I dont want that. Is there a way that I could set Microsoft works word processer as my main word program when saving and editing offline.

Answer: Normally Works uses .wpd files instead of .doc files that Word uses. Depending on what version of Works you have and what version of Word the file was created in will determine if this will work at all. You can open Works and then go to File and Open and browse to where the Word file is stored. Under the File type section you may need to change it to All files. It may also require a converter within Works to open the Word file.

If you are able to open the .doc file successfully then you can change the file association that is linked to .doc files. File associations tell the computer what program to use to open a certain type of file. Check out this page for instructions on how to change your file associations.

If you cant open the file then you can try the free Word Viewer 2003 utility that will allow you to view, print and copy Word documents.

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Tech News of the Month:

Hackers Launch Major Attack on US Military Labs

Hackers have succeeded in breaking into the computer systems of two of the U.S.' most important science labs, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Tennessee and Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.

In what a spokesperson for the Oak Ridge facility described as a "sophisticated cyber attack," it appears that intruders accessed a database of visitors to the Tennessee lab between 1990 and 2004, which included their social security numbers and dates of birth.

The attack was described as being conducted through several waves of phishing emails with malicious attachments.

Full Story

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Get into the spirit with these holiday wallpapers.

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