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Online Computer Tips Monthly Newsletter - June 2012

 Posted: June 14, 2012 -

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Latest Virus/Security Alerts:

Fake Better Business Bureau email scam

If you are a small business owner then be wary of any email you may get saying it's from the Better Business Bureau or BBB. Scammers have been sending millions of emails to business owners claiming that a complaint has been lodged against them and that they need additional information on the business in order to respond to it. These emails look pretty real and also have the official BBB logo on them. But in fact what the email does is to download a virus to your computer that tries to steal personal information.

Things to look for if you get one of these emails include the wrong address in any links. So if it doesn't say or from a BBB office in your area then that's a red flag. They may also have a zip file attached to them which you should never open. Other signs are misspelled words and grammatical errors. If you get one of these emails be sure not to click on any links and delete the email right away.

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June's Poll:

Do you do regular virus\malware scans on your computer?
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May's Poll Results: 
Do you check your Facebook account while at work?

Yes - 75%
No - 25%

Tip of the Month:

CamStudio Free Screen Recording Software

Have you ever wanted to record what you are doing on your screen so you can show it to someone else? Being able to record your computer can come in handy if you want to do things such as create a tutorial for someone or make a video showing a problem you are having to get assistance from another person.

CamStudio is free screen recording software that allows you to capture what you are doing and save it as an AVI file that can be played on another computer. It allows you to record your whole desktop, an active window (program) or a pre-selected region of your screen. It can even save your videos as Flash SWF files to make them easy to post on internet sites such as YouTube.


Once you choose your region all you need to do is click on the record button and do whatever you want captured and then press stop when you are finished. It will save the file automatically for you in its default location which can be changed. Just keep in mind that the longer your video is, the larger the file size will be. You can always reduce the file size by using a video converter such as Videozilla.

CamStudio can be downloaded here.

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Hot Product of the Month: Seagate GoFlex Satellite 500 GB Mobile Wireless Storage


GoFlex Satellite mobile wireless storage allows you to carry your important files, music and movies with you anywhere and wirelessly stream movies, photos, music and documents to your iPad, tablet or smartphone. The GoFlex Satellite device features USB 3.0/USB 2.0 connectivity and downloadable Media Sync software to easily transfer media and documents from your PC or Mac computer.


  • Carry your media library with you and wirelessly stream to your laptop\tablet
  • Syncs the media and documents on your PC or Mac, so that you can take your library with you on the go
  • Stream 3 different movies over Wi-Fi simultaneously to 3 devices
  • Never worry about running out of storage capacity on your laptop\tablet or forgetting a file at home
  • Stream up to 5 hours of video on a single charge






Important Windows and Office patches:

Over 2 dozen Microsoft patches for July

This month's installment of Microsoft patches include 7 bulletins of which 3 are rated as critical and are related to Internet Explorer, the .NET framework and the Remote Desktop Protocol. One bulletin named MS12-037 contains 13 security fixes for Internet Explorer and should be deployed right away to avoid potential security issues.

The Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) issue leaves open the potential for attackers to enable remote-code execution if an attacker sends a sequence of specially created RDP packets to a vulnerable system. Fortunately RDP is not enabled by default in Windows even though many businesses enable it on their servers.

Microsoft has also announced changes to its automatic updater to block untrusted security certificates. They changed the updater tool after researchers at Kaspersky Lab uncovered how the Flame malware had gamed the process.

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Interesting site of the Month:

Do you have an old computer or laptop laying around that does'nt get used anymore? Did you just upgrade to a new faster computer and dont' know what to do with your old computer? If so then check out and donate your old computer to someone in need.

Reader's Question of the Month:

Running out of hard drive space on system drive

Ellie writes in with a troubleshooting question
Question: I've been getting these messages that my hard drive is getting full and I have low disk space and have also noticed that my computer is acting really slow. I don't want to delete anything off of my computer because I need all my files and music. Is there any other way to get my space back without deleting anything?

Answer: For the most part you can free up enough space to get you by for a little while longer by deleting temp files and doing some other cleanup. Plus you can uninstall any programs you don't use anymore or may have never used anymore.

To cleanup your temp files you can use the free and effective Ccleaner which will clean much more than temporary internet files. I have seen it recover 2-3 GB of disk space before on messy computers.

If you look in Add and Remove Programs or Programs and Features in Control Panel you can uninstall any software you don't need anymore. Just make sure it's not something important that your system needs before removing it.

Another option is to install a second hard drive and store things like your music or pictures on the second drive to free up space on your C drive. You can also do the same thing with an external USB hard drive.

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Tech News of the Month:

Facebook Will Disappear in 5 to 8 Years

Everyone knows how popular the social networking site Facebook has become and it's hard to find someone that is not a member. But will Facebook be around as long as your new found friends will keep you as friends?

Eric Jackson, founder of Ironfire Capital said that web giant Facebook will lose dominance as a major web company in less than 10 years. "In five to eight years they are going to disappear in the way that Yahoo has disappeared," Jackson said. Even though Yahoo is still out there making money, it is only at 10% of its value compared to its prime back in 2000.

Jackson said there have been three generations of web companies. The first generation was big web portals, such as Yahoo. The second was the social web with Facebook and the third generation is companies focused entirely on monetizing the mobile platform. "When you look over these three generations, no matter how successful you are in one generation, you don't seem to be able to translate that into success in the second generation, no matter how much money you have in the bank, no matter how many smart PhDs you have working for you," Jackson said.

Facebook's stock is down about 27% from its initial offering of $38 a share which makes it the biggest 2 week loss of any IPO since 1995.


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