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Latest Virus/Security Alerts:

Sony Playstation Network Attack

Customers of Sony Online Entertainment need to watch out for phishing scams after hackers may have gained access to personal information on 24 million user accounts which including email addresse and password information. Security experts are saying that criminals may have enough information to send customized emails or letters, or make phone calls that can appear to come from Sony in hopes of fooling customers into giving out information such as credit card or Social Security numbers.

Sony has told its customers to be "especially aware" of these scams. "Sony will not contact you in any way, including email, asking for your credit card number, Social Security number or other personal information," they said on their website. Sony said breach did not expose customer credit card numbers in the U.S. But it did possibly reveal names, addresses, email, birth dates, gender, phone numbers, login names and passwords.

Another PlayStation attack exposed personal data, including possibly credit card numbers, for 77 million accounts. But Sony says its credit card data was encrypted. The combined attacks may have exposed personal information for more than 100 million accounts.


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May's Poll:

Does your computer us an AMD or Intel processor?

April's Poll Results:
Have you installed the new Internet Explorer 9 yet?

Yes - 15%
No - 75%

Tip of the Month:

Make Your Own Program Keyboard Shortcuts

If you have a certain program you use all the time and want a fast way of opening it then you can make your own program keyboard shortcut for that program. All you need to do is right click the icon for the program and choose Properties. Then go to the Shortcut tab and put your cursor in the Shortcut key box. Now press the shortcut key combination you want to use and it will populate the Shortcut key box with what you just pressed. Click on Apply and Ok and you are done.

Shortcut Keys

Now whenever you press that keyboard combination your program will open. Just be sure that you don't use a keyboard shortcut that is used by another program or function. You can test it out by pressing that keyboard combination before adding it to your program's properties.

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Hot Product of the Month: iHome iConnect Media Keyboard with dock for iPod or iPhone


The iHome iConnect Media Keyboard docks your iPod or iPhone in the keyboard and easily transfers music, photos, videos, applications and more with iTunes. Touch sensitive media keys allow you to shuffle your playlist and control your media with a glide of a finger. 2 built in USB ports offer quick and easy access for connecting digital cameras, printers, thumb drives, mice and more. The rubberized wrist rest allows you to work or play in complete comfort.


  • Dock Your iPod or iPhone in the Keyboard and Easily Transer Music, Photos, Video, etc. and More with iTunes
  • The Built-In Dock Has a Cover which Slides Flat on the Keyboard.
  • Illuminated Touch Sensitive Media Keys Allow Your to Shuffle Your Playlist and Control Your Media with a Glide of a Finger
  • 2 Rotating USB 2.0 Ports Offer Quick and Easy Access for Connecting Digital Cameras, Printers, Thumb Drives, Mice and More.
  • Rubberized Wrist Rest; 2.4 GHz Wireless Frequency; 1200 dpi High Performance Sensor; Horizontal and Vertical Scrolling; LED Low Battery Indicator.





Important Windows and Office patches:

Windows Server patches for May

The Microsoft patch department will be a little quiet this month. There are only two bulletins covering security vulnerabilities for Windows and Office. The Windows update will be rated critical because of the risk of remote code execution attacks. The Windows Server patch only affects Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2. Even Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 is vulnerable.

The Microsoft Office patch (specifically for PowerPoint) will carry an important rating and will also cover flaws that can be exploited in remote code execution attacks. The latest version of Office which include Office 2010 for Windows and Office 2011 for Mac are not affected by the PowerPoint bugs.

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Interesting site of the Month:

Get local gas prices in your area with GasBuddy.. GasBuddy lets you search by zip code and displays the local gas station prices in your area.

Reader's Question of the Month:

Jpeg pictures open with wrong program

Mary writes in with a software question
Question: Every time I double click a jpeg picture file it opens with Microsoft Picture Manager instead of the default Windows picture viewer. I don't need to edit the picture so I would rather have it open with the Windows viewer instead. I was thinking of uninstalling the Microsoft program but I may want to use it someday. How do I get my pictures back to opening with the Windows viewer when I double click on a file?

Answer: All you need to do is to change your file association for .jpg files to the Windows Photo Viewer and it will fix your problem. To do so simply right click on any jpeg file and choose Open with and then click on Choose program or Choose default program. In the list of programs you should have Windows Photo Viewer or Windows Picture and Fax Viewer depending on your version of Windows. Then check the box that says Always use the selected program to open this type of file and then click on Windows Photo Viewer and click Ok.

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Tech News of the Month:

Congress scrambling to draft 'do not track' laws

Lawmakers have said they will introduce two "do not track" privacy bills that would allow people to block companies from following their activity on the Internet.The proposals reflect Congress' growing focus on passing first-time privacy laws for all Internet users and updating children's privacy laws as more young people get on the Web through mobile devices.

The bill specifies that the privacy rules would apply to mobile phone apps, an area unregulated by the federal government. It would require companies to get parental consent to collect location information from children 12 and younger. Teens would have to expressly agree to location collection.

Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., said he would introduce a bill covering all Internet users, making it illegal for websites and marketers to track anyone who had opted out of data collection. The measure would also require companies to destroy user information or make it anonymous once it is no longer useful.


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Wallpaper of the Month:

April showers bring May wallpapers

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