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Online Computer Tips Monthly Newsletter - November 2007

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Latest Virus/Security Alerts:

Apple QuickTime Multiple Vulnerabilities

Some vulnerabilities have been reported in Apple QuickTime, which can be exploited by malicious people to disclose sensitive information, bypass certain security restrictions, and compromise a user's system. Successful exploitation of these vulnerabilities allows execution of arbitrary code. The vulnerabilities are reported in QuickTime prior to version 7.3. To avoid these issues go to the QuickTime page and download and install the latest version of QuickTime.

QuickTime download page

Systems Affected:
Windows 2000, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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Spyware Help

November's Poll:

Do you burn your own custom music CDs ?

October's Poll Results:
What version of Windows do you use?
- 18%
95/98/ME - 0%

Tip of the Month:

Configuring the My Pictures Slideshow Screensaver in Windows XP

Windows XP has a nice screensaver feature that allows you to use the photographs that you have on your computer as a screensaver slideshow. If you have a group of pictures that you would like to use simply put them all in one folder anywhere on your hard drive. The default location that the screensaver looks at for pictures is your My Pictures folder inside of My Documents. You can either place your images there or redirect the screensaver to look somewhere else. Keep in mind that any pictures that are in this folder will be used for the screensaver. It will not open sub folders and use any pictures in them.

To get to your screensavers, right click anywhere on your desktop and select Properties. Then go to the Screen Saver tab and choose My Pictures Slideshow. Click on Settings to change how often pictures should change and how big they should display on the screen. If you want to pick a different folder besides the default My Pictures folder then click on the Browse button and go to the folder where you pictures are stored. There are other options such as having Windows stretch small pictures to make them larger on the screen, show the names of the images with the picture itself, use effects between each picture and allowing you to scroll through the pictures when the screensaver is active.

At the main Screen Saver tab you can choose how long you want Windows to wait before activating the screen saver. It won’t come on until there is no input from the keyboard or mouse for the set amount of time you specify. This screen saver is available in Windows Vista as well but you get to the configuration screen a little differently.

Related Computer Tip:
Add the My Pictures Slideshow Screen Saver to Windows 2000

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Hot Tech Product:

Product Name:
Digi Memo 692

Digital NotePad With Memory

The DigiMemo 692 is a stand-alone device with storage capability that digitally captures and stores everything you write or draw with ink on ordinary paper, without the use of computer and special paper. Then you can easily view, edit, organize and share your handwritten notes in Windows.

  • Take Notes
    • Place any ordinary paper or notepad on the
    • digital pad. Write on the paper with the digital inking pen.
    • The digital pad digitally records anything you write in its built-in storage device or an optional CF card in real time.
  • One page you write is stored as one digital page.
  • Connect to the PC
  • Connect the digital pad to your PC by an USB port.
  • Organize Your Notes With its DigiMemo Manager software, you can easily view, edit and organize your digital pages in Windows. Save any digital pages you arbitrarily select as a book file (e-Book).
  • Send via e-Mail Share your notes with others via e-Mail.

More Info

Important Windows and Office patches:

Update for Outlook 2007

There is a problem with Outlook 2007 in which a calendar item that is marked as private can be opened if it is found by using the Search Desktop feature. There are other problems this update fixes such as Outlook may momentarily stop responding during typical operations including when you read e-mail messages, move e-mail messages, or delete e-mail messages.

The update also fixes performance issues that occur when you work with items in a large .pst file or .ost file.

For more information on this update click here.

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OCT Forums Member of the Month:
Member's Name: Guru
OCT Member Highlight:
No Picture
Guru is a repeat member of the month. He is always offering helpful suggestions to other members


Member Post highlight:
Interesting site of the Month:
If you want an alternative to Google Maps then check out Microsoft Live Search Maps. It offers many of the same features of Google Maps and has a nice feature called Birdseye view which gets nice and close for a good view of whatever you want to look at.
Readers Question of the Month:
Importing downloadedscreensavers and wallpaper into Windows

GreenMtnMan writes in with a Windows question
How can I bring screensavers,wallpaper, etc. from internet to my pc?

Answer: Wallpapers from the internet are easy to apply to your computer. You can find an image you like online and right click on it and pick Set as background. Keep in mind if its a small or low quality image it wont look that clear blown up on your screen.

You can also save an image from a website by right clicking it and selecting Save image as and choosing a place to save it such as My Pictures. Then you can go into your display properties (Right click the desktop and select properties) under the Background tab and click the browse button and navigate to the saved image. Then select it and choose if you want it centered, tiled or stretched to fill the screen.

Screen savers are a little more difficult to apply. You will need to download the files from the website. Some screensavers have an installation program that will install it from you. Others will be a .scr file which you will have to put in your C:\Windows\System32 folder. Then they should appear with your other screensavers. Be careful since many viruses are hidden in .scr files.

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Tech News of the Month:

Online do not track policy may make matters worse

Adoption of a federal list intended to limit monitoring of Web surfers could lead to a barrage of extra advertising—on some of the most popular sites.

Consumer protection advocates are pushing hard for the adoption of a "Do Not Track" list that would make it harder for online advertisers to monitor the surfing habits of Web users. The measure is designed to protect the privacy of consumers who don't want marketers to keep tabs on the sites they visit and then deliver ads based on what those sites say about a person's interests.

Adoption of the list could result in some unintended consequences that consumers may also find off-putting. For one, a Do Not Track list could actually increase the volume of online ads, according to Web advertising companies. Web surfers who join the proposed Do Not Track list, however, would still see online ads, just not ads targeted specifically to them. Ad networks argue that, because targeting increases ad prices, each ad seen by those on the list would be cheaper than ads seen by people not on the list. Thus, a Web site probably would have to show more ads to compensate for the loss of revenue from targeted ads. Ad targeting enables Web sites to display fewer ads than they would without targeting.

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Wallpaper of the Month:

Take a walk on the sand with these beach wallpapers.

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