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Software Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs are hidden goodies in software such as movies, songs, books or other software functionality designed to give you a little extra treat if you know how to find them. Here we will show you how to find some of those hidden goodies

Bill Gates Movie - Windows 2000

  1. Right click on the desktop; go to properties and then backgrounds.
  2. Choose the clouds background and the make it tiled.
  3. Click apply then ok, and go back to your desktop.
  4. Right click on my computer, choose rename and then change the name to my microsoft, and don't move the mouse.
  5. A video of bill gates, and some other software developers will appear if you don't move the mouse.

Volcano Screensaver - Windows 95/98/ME/2000

  1. Right click on the desktop; go to properties and then Screensavers.
  2. Go to the 3-D text screensaver and open the properties.
  3. In the text box, type "volcano" (without quotes).

Outlook 2000 Game

  1. Go to the Find a contact box on the Outlook toolbar.
  2. Then type Ren Hoek and press Enter.
  3. Select Tools, Macro then Macros.
  4. In the Macro Name box, type OL2KRocks and click the Create button.
  5. The About Microsoft Outlook dialog will appear.
  6. Hold down Ctrl + Alt + Shift and click Ok.
  7. The Outlook 2000 team credits will appear.
  8. Try to catch the names as they fly across to the mailbox.

Adobe Illustrator Credits
Press CTRL + ALT and then click on the Venus picture on the top of the toolbar.
The credit screen will appear and all the developers names are anagrammed.

Surf the Web From the Help Menu - Windows XP

  1. Open any application in Windows XP.
  2. Click on the Help of the applications menu.
  3. Click on Contents and Index.
  4. Click on the yellow question mark icon at the top left hand corner of the help screen's title bar.
  5. A new menu will then open.
  6. At the bottom of the new menu is another item called Jump to URL.
  7. Click on Jump to URL.
  8. A dialog box opens which you can then enter a website URL.
  9. Type in the website (make sure you type in the http://).
  10. After you type in an address, click Ok.
  11. Click the OK button and you will be browsing the web from inside the help screen.

Force a Win in Windows Solitaire
Press Alt + Shift + 2

Hidden Quotes in Photoshop8 (Windows Version)

  1. Hold Ctrl + Alt and click Help and then click About Photoshop.
  2. Click once above the word Protected. If the window closes you need to try again. If nothing happens you did it right.
  3. Wait for the scrolling credits to reach the bottom and start over.
  4. After the credits start over you should see a bunch of quotes right where you previously clicked flashing before you in a white space.

Racing Game in Excel 2000

  1. A car racing game is hidden in the first release of Excel 2000. It was removed in SR1 and SR2. Here is how you find it.
  2. Open Excel 2000 with a blank worksheet.
  3. Select File, Save as Web Page.
  4. In the Save As dialog box, choose Selection: Sheet, check Add interactivity, and click Publish.
  5. Click Publish in the 'Publish as Web Page' dialog box.
  6. Close Excel, declining to save the worksheet.
  7. Open Internet Explorer.
  8. Choose File, Open, click Browse, and open the file you just saved.
  9. Click in the spreadsheet, and hold Page Down to go to row 2000.
  10. Click the gray header to select row 2000.
  11. Use Tab to move the active cell pointer to cell WC2000.
  12. Hold down Ctrl-Alt-Shift and click the Office logo in the upper left corner.
  13. If you've come this far, congratulations! Use the arrow keys to navigate, the spacebar to fire, O to drop an oil slick, H to turn on your headlights, and Esc to quit playing.

Magic Eight Ball in Access 97 & 2000 (Patched Versions)

  1. Open Access and open a blank database.
  2. Click on Macros, then "New" to create a Macro.
  3. Type -SPACE- (space bar once) and close the window. Hit Yes on the dialog box that appears.
  4. Save the Macro as "Magic Eight Ball" (no quotes).
  5. Go to "VIEW/TOOLBARS/CUSTOMIZE" and check off macro design.
  6. Drag the macro to the second toolbar. An eight-ball icon will appear in the toolbar.
  7. Pressing the eight ball will generate your answer every time.

Word 97 Pinball Game

  1. Open a new document, type in Blue and highlight the word.
  2. Go to Format-Font and choose Font Style Bold and Color Blue.
  3. Back in the main document, type a space after Blue and then click on Help-About.
  4. On the Word icon, do a Control-Shift-left click, and the game will appear.
  5. Use Z for the left flipper, M for the right flipper, and Escape to exit.

Funny Google Languages
Pig Latin -
Elmer Fudd -
Hacker Speak -
Klingon -
Mirrored -


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